Easter Brunch at Tapa Toro in Orlando

Celebrate Easter with Orlando's best-loved Spanish restaurant

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When it comes to event planning, the best choice for Easter brunch in Orlando is Tapa Toro, Florida’s favorite Spanish restaurant. We’re conveniently located on International Drive.

On Easter we outdo ourselves – We go far beyond our daily menu. Our expert staff prepares paella, lamb, patatas bravas, and much more.

Why eat an everyday meal on this special day of rebirth? Choose a Spanish fiesta instead!

A tasty paella will make the day truly memorable. And, if you rise late on Easter Sunday, you can still take advantage of our Easter dinner in the afternoon and evening.

Easter is the time to share a truly memorable meal with family and friends. This important event isn’t the right time to cook a meal at home, and you owe yourself and your loved ones a special treat.

The best way to celebrate Easter in Orlando, especially if you’re anywhere near International Drive, is to come to our Easter brunch buffet. It’s both delicious and convenient.

Most importantly, your guests will never forget the experience of a Spanish fiesta like we offer at Tapa Toro.

Do you like to sleep late on Easter Sunday? No worries. If you miss our brunch buffet, just stop by later for our Easter dinner instead. We’ll feature all the traditional favorite Spanish dishes, plus special Easter meals that you and your guests will never forget.

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