Flamenco Night
Sunday, April 30th

You already love us for our nightly flamenco dancing. But on April 30th we are heating up our dance floor for a spectacular evening of flamenco entertainment. Baila toda la noche during our Barcelona-style flamenco show & dinner experience, featuring two world-class performances by Tampa Bay Flamenco Dance Company. One night only. Reservations encouraged.

First Performance: 6:30p
Second Performance: 8:00p

Enjoy our signature tapas, paellas & entrées from our regular dinner menu, or indulge in our special prix fixe meal for the occasion.

ON THE MENU: Chichorones, Lomo (roasted pork loin / roasted peaches / salsa verde), Garbanzos con Espinacas (stewed garbanzo / spinach), Ensalata de Patata y Chorizo con Xeres (potatoes / chorizo / sherry vinaigrette) and Arroz con Espinacas (Spinach rice)


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Flamenco Night<br/>Sunday, April 30th