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Tapas in Orlando


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In Spanish cuisine, tapas refers to serving appetizer-style foods in general. In other words, the word refers to a style of dining, instead of particular dishes.

Tapas are a great meal for families and groups of friends. That’s because these bite-size morsels are shared among groups of friends, and each person orders a different type.

Are you wondering about the origin of tapas dishes? Although there are several different legends to explain this custom, the most likely version is that “tapas” were first served in Spanish bars in the form of thin slices of bread or meat used to cover the drinks against flies (tapa = top).

Since then, these “tops” have become much more elaborate – and tasty. They’ve evolved into the delicious morsels that we serve today.

The most popular tapas in Orlando include lamb, seafood, and beef, as well as our vegetarian tapas.

Here at Tapa Toro, we serve Central Florida’s favorite hot and cold tapas:

Iberian Caesar Salad … Ensalada César

Beet Salad … Ensalada de Remolacha

Chorizo-Wrapped Dates … Datiles con Chorizo

Lamb Chop … Chuleta de Cordero

Potatoes With Sausage … Patatas con Chorizo

Ham Croquettes …. Croquetas de Jamón

Beef Empanadas …. Empanadas de Res

Beef Meatballs … Albóndigas de Res

Pork Belly … Tocino

Lamb Sliders … Hamburguesitas de Cordero

Calamari … Calamares

Mussels … Mejillones

Ceviche … Ceviche

Fierce Potatoes … Patatas Bravas

Olives … Olivos

Crispy Brussels Sprouts … Coles de Bruselas

Impossible Meatballs … Albóndigas Vegetarianas

Yes. Our menu options for veggie dining are very popular. For everyone who prefers meatless meals, we serve these favorite vegetarian tapas – Fierce Potatoes, Vegetarian Meatballs, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Hummus, Guacamole, Olives, and more.